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Using ldap_rename Properly to Move Objects

Just today I needed to move several thousand Active Directory users from one OU to another and so I needed a quick way to script this. Looking over at the PHP pages, the ldap_rename function is very poorly documented and so I thought that I’d take a moment to give better detail of the function.

LDAP User lockoutTime Field Not Showing

>This morning I was working on my site and I came across a small error in a piece of code that looks up user fields in an LDAP profile. The error related to the lockoutTime field whereby if the account is locked then this will store the date and time that the account was locked […]

Network Level Control Through Your Website (and a Bit More)

>Ok, network level control through your website.  Interested?  Good. Last summer, a project of mine was to build a micro site which runs within the VLE that would give ordinary staff users access to network level functions that would normally be reserved for IT staff. This project would be purpose built for our new student […]

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