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Moodle – Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office 2010, 2013) Login Page Shown on File Download Windows 8

>Yesterday, I spent most of my afternoon looking through the Moodle code to try to work out why whenever a file was downloaded in Moodle, the Moodle login page was shown within the document when changing from protected view. The behaviour is consistent across Windows 8 and Office 2010 and 2013 suites from what I […]

Moodle 2.3.x YUI Library Problem IE10

Morning all, after making some changes this morning and upgrading a few of our machines to IE10, I quickly found that my install of Moodle doesn’t like a few aspects of IE10 (or vice versa anyway). Certain features, such as bits of AJAX and drop down menus that are powered by the YUI library refused to work […]

Has Chrome Really Overtaken Internet Explorer?

>According to analytics site StatCounter, Google Chrome *brielfly* (and I stress briefly) overtook Internet Explorer in terms of market share for the week of 14th May 2012 to gain 32.76% against 31.94% for Internet Explorer. Reading further into the figures, they now show that the share has now declined to 31.88% which for me I […]

IE6: The End Nudges Closer

>Microsoft has today announced that from January 2012, Internet Explorer updates will automatically be downloaded and installed in the background whilst retaining all of your custom settings like addons and search providers. The new feature will work for those who have automatic updates enabled on their machine and this means for anybody using Windows XP […]

Internet Explorer 9 Security: Top of the Tests

>In what you could say is a surprising twist of reputation, NSS Labs have revealed what they think is the most secure of all browsers for malware and malicious websites, and yes you’ve guessed it by now, Internet Explorer. One of the many articles can be found over at ZDNet. Anybody who knows the previous chequered […]

Internet Explorer 6 Given Another Kicking

>Sorry that it has been a while since my last blog posting, I’ve had very little time of late to do as much of my own development on soulfire.co.uk as I would have liked under normal circumstances. Anyway, to my point. I woke up this morning and had a look through Google sci/tech news and […]

Speed up the death of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)

>10 years ago, in a galaxy not so far away…a browser was born. Alright, as dramatic as that wasn’t, ten years ago Internet Explorer 6 came along and sat on pretty much every PC out there. The reason for this wasn’t that hard to understand really because there was little in the way of competition, […]

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