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Browser Wars: Chrome Steps Up

>In yet another bout of good news for Mozilla, Chrome has displaced Firefox as the second most popular browser according to research boffins at StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds the top spot by quite a large amount, but what is most surprising is the time that it has taken Chrome to establish itself in […]

Mozilla Adds Flash to Firefox Android

>Over at the Firefox Nightly builds site, Mozilla have released Firefox for Android with ‘experimental support’ for Flash. After Adobe publicly killed off mobile Flash earlier this month, this turned up as quite a surprise. I’ve installed it on my Android phone and I must say, it’s actually quite good. It’s not quick, and it […]

Firefox 7 Released (three weeks ago!)

>In a rather delayed post, Firefox 7 has now been released, wooo! The release comes just six weeks  (yes you read that correctly) after Firefox 6 arrived. The two major selling points of this release are speed (as ever!) and the memory demand has been reduced by half, which is quite impressive. Over the past […]

Firefox Silent Updates

>Future versions of Mozilla Firefox will shortly be delivering updates to your computer without you even knowing about it, saving users the bother of downloading and installing updates. Good idea?  Maybe. Right now, both Firefox and Chrome are seeing frequent updates and if reports are to be believed, Microsoft will be joining that party soon […]

YSlow now Available for Opera, Chrome in Beta

>For those of you who have read some of my previous posts, you will know that I’m a big fan of the YSlow extension that until now has only been available for Firefox. For those of you who don’t know what YSlow is, it’s basically a small tool that analyses every part of page performance. […]

Beef up your Security with HTTPS Everywhere

>EFF have released HTTPS Everywhere version 1.0 for Firefox as the project has recently come out of the beta testing stage. The question is, why should you use it and what does it give you? Well, in a nutshell it enables you to browse the web securely, even when you don’t realise that you aren’t […]

Firefox 6 Now Available

>An update to the already brand new Firefox 5 is now available to download. The update comes just two months after Firefox 5 was released. Recently since Firefox 4, Mozilla appear to be on a quick release cycle which other browsers such as Google Chrome seem to be following. The download is now available on the […]

Mobile Firefox on the Way

>Following on nicely from my post a few moments ago, Mozilla have just announced that they are starting working on a mobile version of its popular desktop browser. You have to feel for Mozilla at the moment as things aren’t exactly going brilliantly. When I say this, I mean it with a pinch of salt. […]

Google Abandons Google Toolbar for Firefox

>In what can only be said is a predictable event, Google this week has announced that it is halting development of its Firefox Toolbar. With Mozilla releasing Firefox 5, there is no in-place upgrade for those who want to continue to use the toolbar. Has Google shot itself in the foot though with this one? […]

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