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Has Chrome Really Overtaken Internet Explorer?

>According to analytics site StatCounter, Google Chrome *brielfly* (and I stress briefly) overtook Internet Explorer in terms of market share for the week of 14th May 2012 to gain 32.76% against 31.94% for Internet Explorer. Reading further into the figures, they now show that the share has now declined to 31.88% which for me I […]

Chrome 16 Out Now

> Today sees Chrome 16 released as part of the Google rapid release cycle. With it comes the ability to sync your life, for example when you upgrade to version 16 your home machine with Chrome and your work machine with Chrome will share everything like your extensions, settings, history, bookmarks and other things between […]

Browser Wars: Chrome Steps Up

>In yet another bout of good news for Mozilla, Chrome has displaced Firefox as the second most popular browser according to research boffins at StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds the top spot by quite a large amount, but what is most surprising is the time that it has taken Chrome to establish itself in […]

Google Page Speed for Chrome and Online

>Another of my favourite performance tools for reducing every millisecond from loading times is Google Page Speed. Although it’s a little fiddly to install (fiddly in the sense that it takes more than 30 seconds), it’s still a brilliant extension to have for Chrome. If you already have Chrome, take a look over at the […]

YSlow now Available for Opera, Chrome in Beta

>For those of you who have read some of my previous posts, you will know that I’m a big fan of the YSlow extension that until now has only been available for Firefox. For those of you who don’t know what YSlow is, it’s basically a small tool that analyses every part of page performance. […]

Chrome 14 Beta Brings Native Code

> In not so new news this week, Google has released Chrome 14 to the beta testing channel which brings with it Google’s Native Client technology. The download is available on their beta downloads pages. So what does all this mean?  Well in short, quite a lot. To read more about it, head over to […]

Google Chrome Jumps to Second in the UK

>Oh dear, it really hasn’t been a good month or so for Mozilla. Not only do they not have any niche anymore as I discussed recently, but now they have slipped into third place behind Chrome in the UK. According to Statcounter, Google Chrome has now jumped to second place in the so called ‘browser […]

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