Currently I work in the education sector providing web services to support one of the top performing Sixth Form Colleges in the UK.  My background has always been in IT which stretches back for more than ten years.

The aim of this blog is to help other people out there to solve problems that I have come across, as well as providing best practice methods for those in similar positions.

My specialties involve the development of PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, IIS and Windows Server environments. Specifically, most of my development work revolves around a highly customised and integrated version of Moodle. I strive daily to deliver a great user experience through consistency, navigation and accessibility. I believe that technology should be as easy to use as possible and my aim is always to deliver this through to the end user interface. I am responsible for the development, planning and implementation of all web based technologies for the College. One of my main beliefs is to follow strict coding standards throughout, using full code specifications where absolutely possible to bring consistency. Through tight integration with all of the IT infrastructure, we have transformed ourselves into one of the leading Sixth Form Colleges in the country both technologically and academically.

Some of my work includes:

  • Tight integration between Moodle and student records;
  • Highly personalised experience to bring a friendly look and feel;
  • Seamless two-way connectivity to Active Directory;
  • One of the first Colleges in the country to allow parental access to student records;
  • Complete start to finish automation of a brand new student application system;
  • One of the most customised Moodle experiences;
  • Connectivity with third party systems like PaperCut, Twitter, Cintra HR, Corero, Microsoft Exchange to name a few;
  • Touch interface for our Student Services helpdesk to control everything down to desktop level;
  • Student review monitoring system to track progress throughout the academic year;
  • Highly optimised code and various techniques to speed up delivery to the user;

If you would like to contact me to ask some questions as to the nature of my work, please feel free to contact me.

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