>Over the past few weeks, we’ve been having quite a few problems with our assignment mod on our 2.7.1 Moodle install. The problem specifically relates to feedback given to students whereby upon attempting to get to the page where feedback is uploaded, that page will just wait, and wait and wait and….you get the idea.

I attempted to run through the standard debug process, stop the code at intervals to try and troubleshoot, but nothing. I even tried to upgrade the assign mod to the latest point release but that made no difference. My next step was to move onto the libraries that make up parts of Moodle, but again this was unsuccessful.

The problem seemed to get worse whereby I was getting reports every few hours of this and more and more of my time was being spent on a never ending puzzle. The only thing that I had left to do was to upgrade the entire Moodle install to the latest minor point release which is something that I’ve never had to do before with Moodle and it’s something that I’ve avoided doing. Even more so in this case because I didn’t know where or what the problem was. My only assumption was that another of the associated libraries was causing the problem since I didn’t even get to upload the file so my suspicions lie within the form or grade libraries.

So anyway, I went through the procedures that I would normally go through for an upgrade and I’ll even shoot myself later for saying this but – I didn’t test it first. It’s not something that I would normally do at all but for various different reasons, time wasn’t on my side and something needed to be done.

The fairytale ending happened and all seems well now. The upgrade worked but it’s a rather hollow victory when you never even got to find out what the problem was in the first place.