Entries for January, 2014

Moodle – Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office 2010, 2013) Login Page Shown on File Download Windows 8

>Yesterday, I spent most of my afternoon looking through the Moodle code to try to work out why whenever a file was downloaded in Moodle, the Moodle login page was shown within the document when changing from protected view. The behaviour is consistent across Windows 8 and Office 2010 and 2013 suites from what I […]

Moodle 2.5, IE11 JSON, TinyMCE, Upload Errors – Solved

>Now that I’ve made the plunge and updated to Windows 8.1, I’ve had no choice but to use IE11. Initially, everything appeared to be fine, until I started to upload documents and mess about with the files. Compatibility mode didn’t manage to fix anything and I’ve always hated using that as a solution to a […]

DPM 2012: Job Failed, SQL Server Instance Refused Connection To The Protection Agent

> Working with Microsoft DPM can be incredibly frustrating at times. Some of the error messages can be a little too vague and sometimes the replicas can just be inconsistent for no apparent reason. However what it does very well, is potentially get you out of a massive hole should something go catastrophically wrong. Recently, […]

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