Entries for July, 2013

BT and FTTC/FTTP Skip Rollout Plans Near Business Parks

Over the past week or so, a few articles have caught my eye with regards to BT’s rollout of FTTP and FTTC broadband (that’s fibre broadband or VDSL to most folk). A couple of articles from around the web have suggested that BT is deliberately holding back on these deployments for those of us who […]

Moodle 2.3.x to Moodle 2.5.x

Afternoon everybody, just thought that I’d share my current plans and updates that I’ve got running right now. One of my side projects for this summer is to update Moodle from our 2.3.x installation forward to some flavour of Moodle 2.5. We’ve only had Moodle 2.3 for little under a year now and it’s most […]

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