Entries for November, 2012

Moodle Folder Repository View Expanded Folders / Closed Folders Fix

>Recently I’ve been informed that on certain courses where there have been large file quantities within a folder repository, there is a problem with how the data is presented in the form of all files within all folders being expanded into one massive list. Using the folder repository works really well – where the folder […]

Flickr Public Repository JSON String Error Quick Fix

>As part of my effort to help staff to add resources, I enabled the Flickr Public repository just yesterday and quickly ran into an error during testing. Searching for images was easy, adding and including them inside your resource was also not a problem. The problem only surfaced when you want to create a ‘link’ […]

Adding Moodle Repositories and Resources from the Cloud

>Over the past few days I’ve been looking to enable some of the cloud based repositories within Moodle. To start with, I had actually disabled the private files repository as the idea behind Moodle is that it’s a web server and not a personal file server in my opinion. This then only left us with […]

Moodle 2.3 – Accents in Filenames Error and Missing Course Category

>Following on from my Moodle issues from yesterday, there are a couple more issues that I had forgotten to mention. The first of which was a missing database record which controls the course categories in the xxx_course_categories table where xxx is your chosen prefix upon installation. The error that was received was ‘Can not find […]

Moodle v2.3 – Two Months On

>We’ve now been using Moodle 2.3 for just over two months, and generally everything has gone very well during our migration from 1.9. The staff here seem to generally be embracing the new ‘repositories’ and the concepts behind them which didn’t go down too well to begin with but everything seems to have settled.┬áNothing is […]

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