Entries for August, 2012

Moodle Top Tips and Tricks: All Versions

>Out there on the Internet are literally thousands of pages that will show you ‘tips and tricks’ about managing a Moodle site. Some of them are actually pretty good as well. But how do you know who is actually telling you the truth? I remember a few years back when I was reading one of […]

Start of Term Moodle Tasks: Top 10 List

>The start of the new College term is fast approaching and you have students from the previous academic year on courses. You need a way of doing a ‘summer clean’ to get you and your organisation ready. Generally, about mid-way through August is the time when this begins. By now, I’ve got a development plan […]

Moodle: Add New Block Globally to All Courses

>After my recent upgrade to Moodle 2.3.x, it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t an easy way to add back in some of the blocks that I had to remove from 1.9. After doing a bit of Googling around, I came across this page on the Moodle site which shows you easily how to add […]

How to: Moodle Upgrade to 2.3 from 1.9

>Ok, so basically I’ve spent the past few weeks doing simulated upgrades of my Moodle 1.9.15 installation. Before doing this I had several options regarding our installation and I’ll show you why we chose to go to the latest Moodle release. Our options were: Upgrade the 1.9 branch to the very latest 1.9 branch (1.9.19 […]

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