Entries for December, 2011

Upgrade of Moodle 1.9.10

>Because this time of year is so quiet, I thought that I would do a small point release upgrade of my standard Moodle 1.9.10 install to the current latest version of 1.9.15 as of today. There are a few reasons that I wanted to get this done and out of the way before January. Some […]

IE6: The End Nudges Closer

>Microsoft has today announced that from January 2012, Internet Explorer updates will automatically be downloaded and installed in the background whilst retaining all of your custom settings like addons and search providers. The new feature will work for those who have automatic updates enabled on their machine and this means for anybody using Windows XP […]

Manage Memory Limits SQL Server Enterprise 2008

>Currently on our network is a server that’s running SQL Server Enterprise 2008 running on our Hyper-V cluster. On the cluster, dynamic memory is enabled. Now, normally this isn’t a problem, but when configured incorrectly SQL Server Enterprise will eat up as much data as it needs and so you suddenly have a server (low […]

Chrome 16 Out Now

> Today sees Chrome 16 released as part of the Google rapid release cycle. With it comes the ability to sync your life, for example when you upgrade to version 16 your home machine with Chrome and your work machine with Chrome will share everything like your extensions, settings, history, bookmarks and other things between […]

Moodle 2.2: Coming to a Webserver Near You

>Last week saw the release of Moodle 2.2, which actually wasn’t a long time since we saw the release of version 2.1, and again wasn’t long before we saw the release of the rather buggy version 2.0.  Me?  I’m still sat here on version 1.9.10 because of this rapid release cycle. See, the problem is, during the […]

Correct Silly HTML Mistakes

>For those of you that have read my blog, you will know that I’m a little OCD about website performance – and so should you be. If your website becomes the source of frustration for an end user, more often than not you will lose your viewer and since the choice on the web is […]

PHP: mysql_fetch_assoc Vs. mysql_fetch_array

>Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work to optimise my work so that pages load more quickly and server load is reduced. When I was looking through to my database calls, typically I’ve always used the mysql_fetch_assoc function because it always returned less data than the mysql_fetch array which actually returns two arrays – one which […]

Browser Wars: Chrome Steps Up

>In yet another bout of good news for Mozilla, Chrome has displaced Firefox as the second most popular browser according to research boffins at StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds the top spot by quite a large amount, but what is most surprising is the time that it has taken Chrome to establish itself in […]

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