Entries for November, 2011

Mozilla Adds Flash to Firefox Android

>Over at the Firefox Nightly builds site, Mozilla have released Firefox for Android with ‘experimental support’ for Flash. After Adobe publicly killed off mobile Flash earlier this month, this turned up as quite a surprise. I’ve installed it on my Android phone and I must say, it’s actually quite good. It’s not quick, and it […]

PHP 5.4 On The Way

>Earlier this month PHP 5.4 RC1 was released to the general public. No big deal you might be thinking, but actually I noticed a small change in the latest release that could potentially be of massive help. The note specifies ‘Added class member access on instantiation (e.g. (new Foo)->bar())’ which could be very handy if […]

Mobile Flash is Officially Dead

>Now that Adobe has publicly killed off Flash for mobile devices, what are the wider implications for the rest of the development community? Well, hopefully it will be a brighter future thanks to the emphasis on HTML5 that the company seems to be placing all of its eggs. It’s certainly been a long time coming, […]

Installing PEAR Packages on Windows

>Ok, so now that you’ve read my previous post about setting PEAR up on Windows, it’s time to start installing some packages that will help you on your way. An absolute must for any sort of database connection is the DB package. You could argue that the built in database connectivity from the PHP modules […]

Installing PEAR on Windows

> This really is just a short quick guide on how to install PEAR manually on a Windows box. There are currently multiple ways of setting PEAR up, and I’m going to show you my preferred way, only because it’s easy to fault find in case anything goes wrong. For those who don’t know what […]

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