Entries for October, 2011

Opera 12 Alpha + Hardware Acceleration = Fast!

>Last week saw the release of Opera 12 Alpha with full hardware acceleration for WebGL graphics. Opera 12 Alpha can be downloaded from their site over here. The main benefits being touted include: Faster graphics with hardware acceleration New HTML5 engine Faster browsing with reduced memory usage New themes New address field WebGL support for […]

Firefox 7 Released (three weeks ago!)

>In a rather delayed post, Firefox 7 has now been released, wooo! The release comes just six weeks  (yes you read that correctly) after Firefox 6 arrived. The two major selling points of this release are speed (as ever!) and the memory demand has been reduced by half, which is quite impressive. Over the past […]

Firefox Silent Updates

>Future versions of Mozilla Firefox will shortly be delivering updates to your computer without you even knowing about it, saving users the bother of downloading and installing updates. Good idea?  Maybe. Right now, both Firefox and Chrome are seeing frequent updates and if reports are to be believed, Microsoft will be joining that party soon […]

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