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PHP 5.2 ISAPI to PHP 5.3 FastCGI

>If like me it took you a little while to move from ISAPI with IIS to using FastCGI then fear not, you aren’t alone. Being honest, ISAPI with IIS went very well together as it was fast and very easy to setup. Future versions of PHP no longer support ISAPI as of version 5.3, so you […]

Mobile Firefox on the Way

>Following on nicely from my post a few moments ago, Mozilla have just announced that they are starting working on a mobile version of its popular desktop browser. You have to feel for Mozilla at the moment as things aren’t exactly going brilliantly. When I say this, I mean it with a pinch of salt. […]

Google Abandons Google Toolbar for Firefox

>In what can only be said is a predictable event, Google this week has announced that it is halting development of its Firefox Toolbar. With Mozilla releasing Firefox 5, there is no in-place upgrade for those who want to continue to use the toolbar. Has Google shot itself in the foot though with this one? […]

Speed up Your Website – Top Tips

>Speeding up your site can often be the key to an enjoyable web browsing experience. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your page elements to load. This is really one of my pet hates. What can you do about it? The elements that basically slow your pages down are as follows: Http requests […]

Two Useful Moodle Modules and Blocks

>Wow, two posts in a day! Aren’t you all lucky! I’ve been looking through some of the best Moodle modules out there recently to add to our portfolio. One area where I’ve always felt that we have lacked is on the video side of things. Yes, the filters in Moodle can sort YouTube out no […]

Network Level Control Through Your Website (and a Bit More)

>Ok, network level control through your website.  Interested?  Good. Last summer, a project of mine was to build a micro site which runs within the VLE that would give ordinary staff users access to network level functions that would normally be reserved for IT staff. This project would be purpose built for our new student […]

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