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Moodle – Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office 2010, 2013) Login Page Shown on File Download Windows 8

>Yesterday, I spent most of my afternoon looking through the Moodle code to try to work out why whenever a file was downloaded in Moodle, the Moodle login page was shown within the document when changing from protected view. The behaviour is consistent across Windows 8 and Office 2010 and 2013 suites from what I […]

Moodle 2.3.x YUI Library Problem IE10

Morning all, after making some changes this morning and upgrading a few of our machines to IE10, I quickly found that my install of Moodle doesn’t like a few aspects of IE10 (or vice versa anyway). Certain features, such as bits of AJAX and drop down menus that are powered by the YUI library refused to work […]

PHP Lightweight Mobile Device Device Detection

>After experimenting with various methods of mobile device detection, I’ve eventually come up with what I think is a quick and easy solution which can be done in just three lines of code. $mobile = 0; $devices = array(‘iPhone’, ‘Android’, ‘Windows Phone’, ‘iPod’, ‘webOS’, ‘Symbian’, ‘BlackBerry’); foreach($devices as $device) if (strstr($ua, $device) == true) $mobile = […]

Safari for Windows Quietly Discontinued?

Yesterday, Sarafi 6 was released for Mac with the obvious exclusion of any mention of the Windows flavour. The Apple Safari page no longer contains a reference to the Windows download as it once did, however the 5.1.7 version download appears to still be available through the Apple support pages here. The last update is […]

Has Chrome Really Overtaken Internet Explorer?

>According to analytics site StatCounter, Google Chrome *brielfly* (and I stress briefly) overtook Internet Explorer in terms of market share for the week of 14th May 2012 to gain 32.76% against 31.94% for Internet Explorer. Reading further into the figures, they now show that the share has now declined to 31.88% which for me I […]

IE6: The End Nudges Closer

>Microsoft has today announced that from January 2012, Internet Explorer updates will automatically be downloaded and installed in the background whilst retaining all of your custom settings like addons and search providers. The new feature will work for those who have automatic updates enabled on their machine and this means for anybody using Windows XP […]

Chrome 16 Out Now

> Today sees Chrome 16 released as part of the Google rapid release cycle. With it comes the ability to sync your life, for example when you upgrade to version 16 your home machine with Chrome and your work machine with Chrome will share everything like your extensions, settings, history, bookmarks and other things between […]

Browser Wars: Chrome Steps Up

>In yet another bout of good news for Mozilla, Chrome has displaced Firefox as the second most popular browser according to research boffins at StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds the top spot by quite a large amount, but what is most surprising is the time that it has taken Chrome to establish itself in […]

Mozilla Adds Flash to Firefox Android

>Over at the Firefox Nightly builds site, Mozilla have released Firefox for Android with ‘experimental support’ for Flash. After Adobe publicly killed off mobile Flash earlier this month, this turned up as quite a surprise. I’ve installed it on my Android phone and I must say, it’s actually quite good. It’s not quick, and it […]

Opera 12 Alpha + Hardware Acceleration = Fast!

>Last week saw the release of Opera 12 Alpha with full hardware acceleration for WebGL graphics. Opera 12 Alpha can be downloaded from their site over here. The main benefits being touted include: Faster graphics with hardware acceleration New HTML5 engine Faster browsing with reduced memory usage New themes New address field WebGL support for […]

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